Regularly scheduled professional cleanings are critical to maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.  During your cleaning appointment, your hygienist will examine your mouth and perform the following procedures:

  • Remove Plaque:  Plaque is a sticky film containing bacteria that attack tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.  The bacteria also produce toxins that inflame the gums, leading to periodontal disease.
  • Remove Tartar:  Plaque left on teeth over time hardens and becomes calculus (tartar).  It can only be removed with dental tools.  Tartar can cause gums to bleed, leading to periodontal disease.
  • Polish Teeth:  This final step removes minor stains and any remaining plaque, making teeth their whitest and brightest!

Depending on the health of your gums, we will recommend a professional cleaning every three, four, or six months.