Dentures used to be considered something only “old” people needed.  You may be surprised to learn that people of all ages and walks of life – famous athletes, politicians, celebrities and everyday people – who have lost too many teeth due to injury or disease have replaced their missing teeth and smiles with dentures of partials.

  • Complete Dentures:  Complete dentures replace all of your teeth and provide support for facial muscles and cheeks.
  • Partial Dentures:  If you have some missing teeth and some existing teeth, a partial denture can replace your missing teeth.  It utilizes your existing teeth to hook on to.   They can also prevent your existing teeth from shifting.


We use the latest technology to create dentures and partials that look natural and make it easier to eat, speak and smile confidently.  Dentures may take awhile to adjust to, but as long as you practice good oral hygiene, they should help you enjoy a much happier and healthier mouth and life.