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Everyone doesn't like going to the dentist, but seeing Dr Tran, is like catching up with an old friend! He's so personable and really cares for you as a person than just a patient. He always has a smile on his face. His staff is also just as amazing. Super friendly and always there to help you. Dr Tran will always look out for what's best for you. I was blessed by being raised in Los Alamitos. I always like supporting my community. Dr Tran is a real addition to the Los Al community.
- Remie M

Dr. Tran and his staff are the best around! We live on Catalina Island and they go out of their way to help accommodate all of our needs coming from a distance. I started going to them when my husband was going through cancer treatment 6 years ago. I had to go back and forth on the boat a lot to visit him while he was in the hospital. At the same time I was getting my much needed dental work done, that I had obviously put off. We became fast friends as each Cindy, Joy and Dr. Tran all supported me through this rough time. My husband is in remission, thankfully! Since then my husband has gone to him, my parents switched over to Dr. Tran and so have some friends on the island. Both my husband and myself have had major dental work done w/ Dr. Tran and have always been happy! 
- Erin E

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